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How innovations are changing the Cinema Industry?


The Cinema industry is facing many changes due to both innovations in technologies and business models. Indeed, the generalization of open source tools, Virtual Reality and crowdfunding platforms are changing the game, helping small structures to have their own share of Cinema’s economy.

The revolution initiated by companies such as KICKSTARTERS and KISS KISS BANK BANK is providing new ways to filmmakers and producers to raise money. These platforms have allowed to finance some great projects such as Kung Fury (more than 650 000$ fund) or Blue Ruin (35 000 $). Moreover, the crowdfunding method help to build a fanbase around projects and give a direct visibility to the people that might be the final customers. It is an open window on your work, and a powerful connector, creating strong communities.

On the technological side, the Virtual Reality is a new opportunity to create immersive cinema experience. Even if there is a big interest of the major players in the Cinema industry, the possibility to use open source tools to develop VR* experience have let some spaces for indie filmmakers to benefit of the innovation. It also gives them a privileged space on important Festivals to show their works. For instance, in Cannes Festival, it was possible to see a lot of short movies using VR Casks like “Notes on blindness: Into Darkness” (documentary), or “Iphilips” (ScFy) made by independent filmmakers.

Is it a simple fashion that won’t last long? It is hard to tell, but there are some huge investments on the sector. Facebook have bought the VR cask company Occulus Rift for 2 billion $ in 2014 and the company was financed in the first sight by a Kickstarter (almost 2.5M $), showing the great potential of the concept.

*VR: Virtual Reality

Source: UFUNKLiveScienceNumerama

Logical Pictures’ ScreenDaily article in Cannes


It was a first for Logical Pictures in Cannes Festival and the announce of exciting projects such as “Ickerman” or “Winter’s End” (coproduced with Ran Entertainment) have made their effect.
Screen daily has dedicated an article to the launch of the mini-studio and its ambition to back mid-budget elevated genre movies.

You can see the full article HERE

Source: ScreenDaily